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We can only find fragments of it in folk traditions (with caution as most of these also only date back to the C19) and in magical visions and teachings.I believe that most of the 'native' cultures of the world will have had a sex magic tradition.An experienced, compassionate professional is available to provide counseling services by appointment (day and evening).(Please see website for other issues treated.)""Counseling is an opportunity for change!Sex magic, in my definition, is about connecting our energies with the energies of the land and learning to channel and direct them.We grow to experience directly that all energy is one; but that each channel, each manifestation, including ourselves, has its own unique flavour and shape.The quality of your relationship determines the quality of your life! Can't stop unhealthy patterns of behavior, alleviate the pain or stop the alcohol or drug use?

I work with professional knowledge, skills, expertise, experience, and inspiration, in a safe, confidential, non judgmental environment. Intimacy, sex, communication, sexual desire, infidelity, trust, relationship & sexual issues. I have over 18 years of experience counseling individuals & couples from all over the world, from different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and sexual orientations.Love Land had not opened its doors yet, but authorities in the city of Chongqing -- a sprawling metropolis on the banks of the Yangtze River -- got all hot and bothered over the park's plans to display naked human sculptures, giant replica genitals and a photo gallery on the history of sex, the state-run China Daily reported.Lu Xiaoqing, park manager, told the newspaper he got the idea for building Love Land after a visit to a sex park in Jeju, a popular destination in South Korea.Love Land would include sex-technique workshops and sex education to help adults "enjoy a harmonious sex life," Lu said."Sex is a taboo subject in China, but people really need to have more access to information about it," he told the newspaper."We are building the park for the good of the public." Whatever Lu's intentions, the newspaper said Chinese officials saw it another way: "vulgar, ill-minded and misleading." The park was to open in October but was demolished over the weekend -- thongs, replicas of derrieres and all.


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