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It DOES however tell you EXACTLY how to go from approaching a beautiful woman, creating comfort, establishing an emotional connection, and then taking things all the way to your bedroom.

This really is the most comprehensive dating advice guide available.When someone has called you within 24 hours, that’s called momentum.It’s called momentum for a reason, and so many people in dating lose that momentum very quickly by not promptly returning phone calls.But there are no "social skills" that will make you attractive to the majority of women you meet who don't find you attractive.Instead, they expect you to take all their big claims on faith, and many are gullible enough to do just that, cause many disgruntled men who follow them need something to believe in that gives them hope and gives them the illusion that they are in control.There has to be a pre-existing attraction for it to spice up, in which case you don't even need PUA.


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