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See our navigation at left to find information on the various forms and styles of antique chairs.Due to the sheer number of chair styles, we have chosen only the more popular and collectible items.Fixed upholstery sometimes replaced loose cushions and after 1660 woven cane-work - introduced from the East Indies - was fashionably seen on the seats, and often the backs too, of most chairs.Chairs were increasingly made in sets, I comprising both arm and single chairs.Cobalt blue is an indicator of the period between 18, and was widely used.After 1865 cobalt blue was no longer in use; and overglaze enamel colours were used exclusively. By the1870's most figures were produced in white, and a less expensive form of gilding was introduced, which was painted on after firing which made it a much cheaper method of production.

The Greeks and Romans came up with chair designs that are still in use bring you quality information on antique furniture of all kinds.antique Chairs, Cabinets, Chests, Beds, Credenzas and more.Before this discovery, there were no colours that could stand the high temperatures of the glazing kilns.Prior to this discovery, only overglaze enamel colours, applied after glazing, were used on figures, a method that was to continue alongside the use of cobalt blue.And in China, fine woodworking and increasingly sophisticated joinery was the norm.


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