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‘Sex-Dolls’ presents an irony —children play with dolls, while sex is only something the physically mature can do. Surely ‘sex’ doesn’t belong anywhere near something a child would play with.When it comes to sexbots, we’re talking humanoid shapes with built-in capabilities for sexual acts.These sex robots will be kitted out with artificial intelligence which would enable them to do more than merely react to sensors.* I am sitting in my office killing time by throwing darts at dart board.That the board has the mayor's face on it didn't hurt my game any.Which carries us into another sick irony: Sex-Doll manufacturers are creating children sex dolls for pedophiliacs (people sexually attracted to children). They’re targeting an audience that longs for kids as sexual partners.There’s a market for that brokenness, and Sex-Dolls manufacturers are all over it.

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There are many ‘tools’ available already that facilitate sexual experiences that are more ‘tangible’ than porn and more ‘convenient’ than sex with a human partner, but these are devices, not robots.(Thankfully many countries are reckoning with this kind of hell, and western countries are on standby to confiscate (and destroy!) children sex dolls that come in through customs.) The truth of the matter is that Sex-Dolls are just the precursor for Sex-Bots. I watched it when I was young, and Lord willing, I won’t have to watch it again.Black Widow derives its name from the habit of female Latrodectus (black widow spiders) to cannibalize their mates during or after mating.It is also the official FBI designation for a woman who murders her husband(s), usually in a serial fashion and/or for monetary gain.This story is copyrighted 2006 by Kaereni, may not be excerpted, reprinted, reproduced, or reposted in any form without the express written consent of the author.


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