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Affray was set down for trial but when it was reviewed the crown were unable to prove which male was wielding the bat.

"On December 8, Mr Seals is driving and just before reaching home he drives past and sees a gate open into a field where he sees a black Volvo V40 parked on a track near to the gate, near to the entrance of the field."He pulls into his driveway and looks down the side of his shed and can see three men running along the side of the house and into the field."He drives around to the entrance of the field where he has seen the car and sees one male get out the passenger seat of the Volvo holding a light coloured baseball bat."Mr Kirk arrived on the scene and Mr Seals accused the males of breaking into his shed."One male gets the baseball bat from the car and starts swinging it at his head shouting 'fu** off or I will give it to you'."The male with the bat advanced towards Mr Seals and Mr Kirk, still wielding the bat before the three brothers ran away.

The Queen Mary Reservoir opened in 1925 and is ideal for racing or just having fun and the Queen Mary Sailing Club is arguably one of the country's premier inland dingy and windsurfing racing clubs.

Many of the town's buildings have an interesting heritage including St Matthew's Church, dating back to 1293; the Old Fire Station, which was used as headquarters for the Civil Defence Corp until the 1960s and St James School for Boys, designed by Henry Clutton for the Welsh Schools and set in 30 acres of pleasant landscape.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said the charity was working with police to investigate the spate of cat deaths but added it was “too soon to say” whether Storm’s death was linked to others across the UK.

The Kempton Park Steam Engines (also known as the Kempton Great Engines) are two large triple-expansion steam engines, dating from 1926–1929, at the Kempton Park waterworks, London. Each engine is of a similar size to that used in RMS Titanic and rated at about 1008 hp.

One of the engines, called The Sir William Prescott, has been restored to running order and is the largest fully operational triple-expansion steam engine in the world.

It may be seen in steam on various weekends during the year.

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Police arrested Matthew and Shane, who had been seen dumping their tops in a nearby bin, in Mc Donald's and Wayne was arrested later at his home.

SHOALHAVEN cricket prodigies Kaleb Phillips and Matthew Gilkes have again been rewarded for their strong performances on the field by being named in their respective ACT/Country NSW squads.

North Nowra-Cambewarra’s Phillips has been named in the under 17 ACT/NSW Country academy squad while Ulladulla’s Gilkes is in the under 19 ACT/NSW Country academy squad The 20-player under 17 ACT/NSW Country squad will be part of the National Championships in Brisbane in September and early October, while the under 19 Championships will be held in Brisbane in December.“Both have age groups have strong squads, with some outstanding fast bowling depth,” state talent manager David Freedman said.

Under 19 ACT/NSW Country academy squad: Jason Sangha (Newcastle), Matthew Gilkes (ACT Southern), Tom Engelbrecht (ACT Southern), Blake Nikitaris (ACT Southern), Charlie Dummer (ACT Southern), Daniel Leerdham (ACT Southern), Raman Phoonie (North Coast), Tane Nunn (Illawarra), Jordie Misic (ACT Southern), Coby Cornish (Central North), Ryan Meppem (Central North), Avery Weilandt (Riverina), Ryan Peacock (Western), Jason Ralston (Illawarra), Ryan O’Beirne (Central Coast), Sam Skelly (ACT Southern), Tom Scoble (Central North), Flynn Parker (ACT Southern), Pat Montgomery (Central North), Hamish Starr (Western), Kaleb Auld (North Coast) and Ian Carlisle (Illawarra).

Under 17 ACT/NSW Country academy squad: Brock Larance (Western), Callum Rainger (Central Coast), Dominic O’Shannessy (ACT Southern), Esam Rahman (ACT Southern), Glenn Winsor (Newcastle), Henry Railz (Western), Jack Allen (ACT Southern), Jackson Gwynn (Central Northern), Jackson Korn (North Coastal), Josh Claridge (Newcastle), Josh Low-Mc Mahon (ACT Southern), Josh Staines (Riverina), Kaleb Phillips (ACT Southern), Max Harper (Riverina), Nick Clarke (North Coastal), Oliver Cronin (North Coastal), Ravi Wikramanayaki (ACT Southern), Riley Gow (Riverina), Toby Gray (Newcastle) and William Fort (Central Northern).


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